Katherine Smallshaw

Senior Associate



Long before graduating with a Bachelor of Law from Bond University, personal experience in Australia’s family law system shaped my understanding of family law. The impact that relationship breakdowns can have on all parties, particularly children, was very clear to me from a young age, and I have dedicated my life to family law in order to improve that experience for those going through that difficult process.

Practicing family law has the unique potential to mitigate some of the negative impacts of relationship breakdowns while also supporting clients in rebuilding positive futures for themselves and their families. This potential for both short and long term personal positive influence is one of the things that drew me to the practice of family law.

I pride myself in bringing together an in-depth knowledge of wide-ranging legal disciplines in order to holistically approach every family law dispute. Equally as important to me is an understanding of each individual client and their needs. Combining an in-depth legal understanding with a trusting client relationship allows me to assist clients in achieving the outcomes that truly matter to them.

Throughout my professional and personal life, I’ve learnt that perspective is very important, particularly in times of crisis. International teaching experience in Vietnam and Cambodia reinforced my values of humility and perspective and these are two things which I encourage in all of the matters that I handle. With these two values as guidelines, I approach all matters with sensitivity and assist clients in focusing on and achieving the outcomes that are most important to them.

For assistance in any family law related matter, please contact me at Pullos Lawyers. I look forward to meeting you and working together in achieving lasting positive outcomes for you and your family.

  • “Pullos Lawyers provided exceptional support and guidance throughout my challenging separation. From the beginning, they completely altered the course of the case in a positive direction. Despite the difficulties posed by the opposing party, Pullos Lawyers stood by me and fought for an outcome that would benefit both me and my son in the future. I firmly believe that no other law firm on the Gold Coast would have been able to accomplish what they did. The complexity of my case made it even more challenging, but Pullos Lawyers navigated through it with expertise and determination. Their extensive knowledge and dedication truly set them apart. Thanks to Pullos Lawyers, I now have a favorable outcome that will shape the future for myself and my son. I am incredibly grateful for their unwavering support and exceptional legal representation. If you are facing a difficult legal situation on the Gold Coast, I highly recommend Pullos Lawyers as the firm that can provide the guidance and results you need.”

  • Dear Katherine, I am lost for words to express my gratitude to you. Your professional and quiet strength has impacted me from the beginning of meeting you. Tears are running down my face as I recall the importance of not letting you down and aspiring to be the best I could as I was learning from the standard you set. The place of integrity we continued to come from was outstanding. To have the opportunity to go through something so tainted by corruption and to do it elegantly is an honour of accomplishment. Thank you.


    Gold Coast

  • "I knew l had the right army to fight my battle. When meeting Cassandra and the team, l felt so empowered and confident. At a time of emotional stress when l didn’t know what decisions to make, Cassandra and the team gave me the strength and knowledge to get me through this chapter of life."


    from Gold Coast

  • “If I ever hear of anyone in the SE Qld area who needs family law assistance, I won’t hesitate to recommend you.”


    from Gold Coast

  • "Thank you once again for being so prompt and responsive at very short notice and for helping me bring this whole matter to (what should be) a not-too-financially-painful resolution."


    from Gold Coast

  • "I truly appreciate how quickly and professionally you all acted in assisting me when it looked like I needed a backup plan."


    from Gold Coast

  • The team, for me completely changed the dynamics of the case. Instead of me being on the back foot and continually taking a beating I was put in charge of my destiny.

    Paul K

    from Brisbane

  • I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your care and wisdom in dealing with my extremely difficult situation. You all stepped up and could see my difficult position and I truly appreciate your time and attention to detail. Your care, clear instructions, and truly good intent has helped me to move forward. For that, I would like to say a huge thanks you.


    from Gold Coast