Coronavirus and Family Law Parenting Matters – What Happens Now?

Do you have Orders or a Parenting Plan in place that stipulates where, when and with whom your children are to spend time with?

If not, are you in the midst of separation with your partner and trying to figure out arrangements with your children?

In either scenario, there are serious considerations in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that need to be made for the safety of your children.

By way of example, you should consider and mutually agree in relation to whether extra-curricular activities should be undertaken by your child in the next coming weeks.

Furthermore, schools may well shut for a period of time which will require a parent to be at home with their child or make arrangements thereof.

What if you or your former partner are required to self-isolate – maybe even both of you – what arrangements can be put in place?

If your child has medication they require, it is highly advisable that both parents stock up on that medication (within reason) in the event that supplies become low in the next coming months.

We highly recommend that you discuss these arrangements (perhaps even writing down a plan) with your former partner in advance so that you are prepared in the event a full-fledged medical crisis occurs.

Pullos Lawyers can assist in crafting workable solutions for parents, including formulating plans and negotiating appropriate arrangements during this time. If there is a need for urgent Court intervention then the Courts are still open and we can assist in that option as well.

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