Family Court of Australia Encourages Alternative Dispute Resolution

There is a big, positive shift currently happening in family law in Australia. The Family Court of Australia has recently announced new dual initiatives designed to:-


  1. Encourage the resolution of family law disputes outside of Court (alternative dispute resolution); and

  2. Utilise new technology created to assess risk and triage cases.


The aim behind these initiatives is to clear the backlog of court cases which can see separated parties waiting years for a resolution.


The Court also seeks to ensure resources are allocated more quickly to the most high risk families and to improve the safety of both litigants and children who may have experienced family violence.


Here at Pullos Lawyers, we are aware of the profound and long lasting effects that litigation can have on separating families. In court resolutions are often very emotionally complex and time consuming, as well as financially draining. By comparison, alternative dispute resolutions generally have a much-quicker turnaround, fewer out-of-pocket expenses, and numerous benefits for all involved - most significantly, any children involved.


Our director, Cassandra Pullos, is an accredited Family Law Specialist with over 30 years of experience. Alongside this, she has long been an advocate for the adoption of alternative dispute resolution practices including collaborative practice, parenting coordination, arbitration and mediation, and has extensive experience in these fields.


After training in Parenting Coordination in the US, Cassandra co-founded the Queensland Association of Collaborative Professionals in 2006, serving as the President for the first 4 years. Today, she is the Vice Chair of the Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals and has been instrumental in introducing Collaborative Practice and Parenting Coordination to Australia. She is the co-founder of Parenting Coordination Australia, where she has established herself as a national leader in dispute resolution as an Accredited Mediator, Arbitrator and an educator.


Want to find out more about alternative dispute resolution?

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