Federal Government Makes Major Changes to 457 Visa

The Federal Government has made substantial changes to the 457 visa programme for migrants wishing to work and settle in Australia.    

Damira Hidic our migration law expert says those who may be affected by the changes should see a migration lawyer to clarify their visa status and be made aware of the transition now to a new visa programme.

The four-year visa system, which permits highly skilled migrants to apply for permanent residency on its completion, is to be replaced in a policy move to protect Australian jobs.
Damira says the Government is saying the 95,000 skilled migrants currently in Australia on 457 visas will not be affected and may still have a pathway for permanent residency at the end of the four years.
“But the Government has removed more than 200 qualifying occupations from the visa list, so if people in those categories who have applied but not yet been approved, their applications will be rejected. I understand refunds of visa application fees will be made if the application is withdrawn before it is decided,”
Damira says people who have lodged a visa application which may now not qualify should see a migration lawyer to see what they may need to do to satisfy new Australian visa rules.
Damira, who is a registered Migration Lawyer with over 10 years of experience helping people who want to make Australia their home, says the changes will completely redefine the pathway to permanent residency status.
Applicants or an employer wanting to sponsor employees to work in Australia, don’t need to physically be in Australia for us to be able to act as your migration agent. In fact a large majority of our clients are still residing overseas while we are doing the work required to secure their visa for them.
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