Jessica Craddock named Senior Associate at Pullos Lawyers

Jessica Craddock has been named Senior Associate at Pullos Lawyers!

Over the last 3 years, Jess has become an integral part of the Pullos Lawyers team. Her dedication and loyalty to her clients has led to a sophisticated understanding of multifaceted issues and an ability to achieve the best possible outcomes in complex matters.

Jess has particular expertise in children’s matters and the areas of parental conflict and domestic violence, which she consistently uses to assist clients through what can be their most difficult and trying experiences. We are incredibly proud of Jess’s professionalism, expertise, and growth as she establishes herself as a leader in the field of Family Law and we want to congratulate her on becoming Senior Associate at Pullos Lawyers.

Jess not only shows the professional acumen of a Senior Associate, but she is a key member of the Pullos Lawyers family. Her dedication to her work and continuing professional growth are equalled only by her loyalty to and support of her colleagues. A quiet achiever by nature, Jess always goes out of her way to support and encourage her colleagues. She is a respected, friend, leader, and exceptional family law practitioner at Pullos Lawyers and we can’t wait to work with her and celebrate her achievements for many years to come.

Congratulations Jess, you are now a Senior Associate at Pullos Lawyers!