Kristy Haranas named Director at Pullos Lawyers

Congratulations to Kristy Haranas on being named Director at Pullos Lawyers!

Kristy embodies the ethos and approach to law that has made Pullos Lawyers one of the country’s leading boutique Family Law firms, and we are very proud to announce her new role as Director at Pullos Lawyers.

In 2019, Kristy achieved Specialist Accreditation in Family Law, as well as obtaining her Masters in Law, capping off her previous years working alongside a selection of the country’s best family law practitioners. Kristy is a highly qualified family law practitioner and her excellence in the field was recently recognized by Doyle’s List, when she was named a Rising Star in Family Law. By her achievements in the law alone, Kristy is more than deserving of her promotion to Director at Pullos Lawyers.

Kristy is more than her qualifications though, she is a compassionate and decisive Family Lawyer with excellent problem solving skills and an ambition to achieve the best resolutions for her clients. Kristy always gives her fullest attention to her clients, whether they’re presenting relatively simple or extremely complex cases. Her skill, compassion, and dedication to her clients are aspirational to all those around her and ensure that clients feel confident, secure, and assured in any matter.

Whilst we at Pullos Lawyers were sure of Kristy’s skills and value right from the start, it has been her leadership, mentorship to peers and care for the Pullos Lawyers family that has cemented her place as Director. Kristy has settled seamlessly into our PL family, and has the unique ability to both stand out as an example of excellence whilst simultaneously promoting the achievements and success of those around her.

Kristy is one of the corner-stones of Pullos Lawyers and we very happy to be naming her as a Director. She has all the qualities of a respected and trusted leader at PL and I’m very much looking forward to working together as co-directors for years to come.


Cassandra Pullos.