Katherine Smallshaw named Associate at Pullos Lawyers

Congratulations to Katherine Smallshaw, now an Associate at Pullos Lawyers!

Katherine is a skilled and strategic family lawyer whose approach to all legal matters garners the respect of her colleagues. Just in the last year, Katherine’s expert legal skill and strategic approach to challenging matters played a crucial role in the success of one of Pullos Lawyers' more complex international Family Law cases.

Katherine’s dedication to providing the highest possible legal service has this year led her to pursue a Masters in Law with a double major in Family Law and Wills & Estates, and we’re all looking forward to celebrating her upcoming achievements with her.

Katherine’s dedication and hard work is coupled with her natural ability to communicate on a meaningful level with those around her. Whether its clients or colleagues, Katherine’s approach puts people at ease and evokes a trust in her process and her advice.

Katherine is a talented, dedicated and skilful lawyer; every bit deserving of her promotion to Associate.

Congratulations Katherine, you have a wonderful future ahead and we all look forward to being there with you to celebrate!