Pollinate Energy

Almost a year has passed since Pullos Lawyers teamed up with Pollinate Energy, supporting their mission to bring clean, sustainable light to the urban slum communities in India

The simple ability to turn on a light is so entrenched in our daily lives that we rarely stop to think about it. Imagine getting home from work in the dark and not being able to flick a switch. How would you cook? How would your children study? How would you go to the bathroom? For millions of people in India, a life in the dark is their daily reality. Pollinate Energy allows these people access to their own light. This simple, basic access allows children to study for school, provides light by which to cook, grants safety for woman at night and allows families to extend their work and productivity hours. It also protects families from the toxic smoke released by their only other lighting option, burning kerosene. Read more about the importance of Pollinate’s mission here.
With the help of Pullos Lawyers, Pollinate has been able to broaden the reach of their positive impact by cementing their position the Indian city Hyderabad as well as establishing themselves in one of India’s poorest and most historic cities, Kolkata. Once the capital of India, Kolkata is one of India's most densely populated cities and one of the few cities that has not enjoyed rapid economic growth since India gained independence in 1947. This combination of population density and low economic growth has lead to sprawling and long-standing urban slum communities. With an estimated urban slum population nearing the million mark, Kolkata presented a challenging opportunity for Pollinate Energy, but one that allowed them to begin positively impacting the lives of many in a short amount of time. This is exactly what they have done.
Pullos Lawyers is proud to have sponsored one of Pollinate Energy’s international Fellows in the period where Pollinate’s presence in Kolkata was being established. Having helped Pollinate establish a successful hub in Kolkata, Pullos Lawyers continues to support Pollinate in its growth not only in Kolkata, but throughout India. Here at Pullos Lawyers, we are thrilled to see the positive impact the organisation is having on the lives of those in Kolkata and across the country.
Thousands of people in Kolkata now have access to clean light where they had previously relied upon the toxic and dangerous burning of kerosine, or forgone light after sunset altogether. Children can study after dark and woman are provided with a greater level of security and the ability to more easily travel to and from the latrines after sunset. The affects of light in the lives of those helped by Pollinate Energy are profound. Of course, Pollinate’s work in Kolkata has just begun, but with a growing family of Pollinate trained local entrepreneurs, known as Pollinators, they will continue to reach more and more families throughout the steadily improving city.
Pollinate is not stopping there! Having successfully established themselves in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata they are now looking to expand to a new city. Whilst Pollinate’s goal is to be in India’s 20 largest cities by 2020, the next city will be decided based on an analysis of where there is the greatest potential for positive impact.
Join Pullos Lawyers and Pollinate Energy, help to light up someones life.