With over three decades of experience, Pullos Lawyers are SEQ’s best family lawyers.

Our expertise and skillset is unrivalled; our team of passionate experts are specialists in all aspects of Family Law.

Family Law issues are often sensitive, complex and challenging. Whether you’re navigating separation, divorce, parenting arrangements, property and financial settlements, or LGBTQ+ matters, achieving the best possible outcome will be determined by having highly-skilled lawyers on your team who:

  • We’ll provide tailored advice about your legal rights and options.
  • We have the negotiating power and experience to achieve the best settlement for you.
  • We have the courtroom reputation and proven track record forged from over 35 years in the family court system.
  • We’ll listen to your needs and concerns with care, empathy and compassion, providing you with the support and strategies you need for a positive future

Mediation & Alternatives to Traditional Litigation

Cassandra Pullos is an industry leader and educator in the fields of Mediation, Collaborative Practice, Dispute Resolution and Parenting Coordination. She has built a reputation for providing empowering, exceptional and efficient out-of-court solutions, with her problem-solving techniques and approaches highly sought after by clients and colleagues alike.  If both parties have a desire to work through the problem, Cassandra and her team can advise you on the best pathway to meet your needs now and into the future.

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At Pullos Lawyers we can assist you to obtain a divorce and ensure that your application is accompanied by all of the necessary evidence.
Property Settlement
One of the most common issues arising from the breakdown of a de facto relationship or a marriage is the division of the parties’ assets
Often the primary concern of parents who are separating is making appropriate arrangements for any children of the relationship.
Child Support
Pullos Lawyers can provide advice to you about the different types of Child Support Agreements and the benefits and risks to you of each type of agreement.
Financial Agreements
A Binding Financial Agreement prepared pursuant to the Family Law Act 1975 enables parties to the agreement to specify how their assets will be divided
Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence Orders can also impact the outcome of parenting disputes, and in rare circumstances financial matters.
Dispute Resolution
At Pullos Lawyers, our team are ‘solutions focused’ and can explore a variety of dispute resolution processes with you.
Pullos Lawyers have assisted many LGBTQIA clients navigating the complex issues regarding parenting and separation.
Spousal Maintenance
Spousal maintenance is the financial support provided by one former spouse/de facto partner to another.
Wills and Estate Planning
Our specialist lawyers at Pullos Lawyers can talk to you about the importance of informed estate planning.
Collaborative Practice
Collaborative Practice is a future focused, problem solving approach to restructuring your financial and personal lives after the breakdown of your relationship.
International Family Law
Our lawyers have dealt with many matters involving international child abduction and skill and expertise in Hague Convention cases.

Our Legal Team

Our team of specialist practitioners are dedicated to providing the expert advice and customer service that you deserve when you decide to engage professionals. We understand the particularity of your situation and carefully listen to your needs and concerns so that we may tailor our advice, representation and customer service to your individual and unique needs and expectations.


Your positive outcome is our focus in all aspects of dispute resolution, whether that is through litigation, negotiation, mediation, collaborative practice or other dispute resolution methods. We pride ourselves on this attitude and instil this mindset in all of our staff, from the interns and administration team to our legal professionals.
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