Looming Family Court Deadline for Parenting Applications

Separated parents who need the Family Court to decide who's having the kids over the Christmas holiday period have barely a week to get their applications filed.
Cassandra Pullos says the filing deadline for applications seeking parenting orders relating to the Christmas school holiday period is 4:00pm on 11 November.
Missing the filing deadline means parents may not be able to get a Court decision before Christmas.
"That would just increase the stress levels at what can be a difficult time of the year for divorced and separated people trying to ensure their children have an enjoyable Christmas."
Cassandra, an Accredited Family Law Specialist with Pullos Lawyers, said parties who may need a parenting order should contact us urgently-today- to prepare their application for filing.
"If you don't file by 4pm on 11 November the Family Court won't hear your application before Christmas. The only exceptions would be for life-threatening and child safety reasons," she said.
An alternative to Court was Collaborative practice, where parties resolve to reach decisions away from the Court's influence through negotiation with Collaborative solicitors.
"It's important to resolve as soon as possible the question of who the children will be with over the holidays, and most significantly for parents to do so as peacefully as possible," she said.
The Family Court has a high volume of applications for parenting orders during this period, hence the filing deadline to hear applications before the Courts close for Christmas.
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