Alice Carter

Family Lawyer

Pullos Lawyers has welcomed Alice as one of our Senior Solicitors. Alice has quickly assumed a leadership role where she combines considerable experience and expertise with compassionate and insightful guidance to resolve complex matters and achieve the best possible outcomes for clients.

Whilst working for one of Melbourne’s leading boutique Family Law firms I had the opportunity to run complex and high-profile cases, including Hague matters, one of which garnered national coverage on 60 minutes, interstate and international relocation and property matters, and a property matter that went all the way to the High Court of Australia. Approaching these types of matters requires attention to detail, complex problem solving, and compassion. It is through this same approach that I handle all of my family law matters.

The complexity of Family Law is one of the characteristics that I find most rewarding. I am a strong believer in dispute resolution where appropriate as resolving matters outside of court can often lead to a more tailored and satisfying resolution. Where litigation is the only realistic path forward I will assist you in navigating the court system whilst maintaining a focus on resolving the matter as cost effectively and expediently as possible.

I look forward to working closely with you to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.