With over 30 years’ experience in Family Law, Pullos Lawyers have assisted many LGBTQIA clients navigating the complex issues regarding parenting and separation.

In almost all cases, the law that applies to same sex couples is identical to heterosexual partnerships. There are some notable differences, particularly in respect of parenting, such as who is considered a parent. We also advise our LGBTQIA clients on the legal issues relating to parentage, surrogacy and assisted reproduction/IVF.

Same-Sex Relationships:

Australia recognises same-sex relationships as de facto unions, which means that in all but a few cases, the law is applied to same-sex couples in the same way as heterosexual partnerships.

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Transgender Law:

Legally changing your birth gender, or the gender of your passport, can be an important step in reclaiming your gender identity. But navigating the legal process is often itself a complicated undertaking.
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Paul K. from Brisbane

“The team, for me completely changed the dynamics of the case. Instead of me being on the back foot and continually taking a beating I was put in charge of my destiny…”

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