Collaborative Practice, or Collaborative Law, is a future focused, problem solving approach to restructuring your financial and personal lives after the breakdown of your relationship.

At the heart of Collaborative Practice is an emphasis on ensuring a respectful separation or divorce for you and your partner whilst providing you and your spouse or partner the support, protection, and guidance of your own lawyers – without going to court.

Throughout the Collaborative Process you will have the benefit of child and financial specialists, as well as access to other specialists as needed. Rather than having a decision imposed on you by the courts system, the collaborative process provides the specialty expertise and autonomy for you, the Collaborative practitioners, and the other side to design a solution that best works for you and your family. A Collaborative divorce will assist you to create self-determined, fulfilling and dignified outcomes whilst avoiding the often emotionally traumatic court process.

Cassandra Pullos has been instrumental in bringing the practice of collaborative law to Australia. She is the current President of Australian Association of Collaborative Practitioners. Cassandra is a trainer of collaborative professionals and has presented papers on Collaborative Practice both nationally and internationally.

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Mediation is a process by which an independent third party assists two or more people to reach a mutually agreed solution to their conflict.

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Paul K. from Brisbane

“The team, for me completely changed the dynamics of the case. Instead of me being on the back foot and continually taking a beating I was put in charge of my destiny…”

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