Our experienced family lawyers Gold Coast and Brisbane understand that family law, in all of its myriad of situations, is a complex journey that is taken in a context not in a vacuum.

We understand that families come in all shapes, sizes, colours and flavours – they are more than a mother, a father and their children living together in one home together – they have an emotional life as well as a financial life. They have a future as well as a present and a past. Each family has a story and has hopes, dreams and goals that are as unique and different as the people in them.

We are committed to understanding your individual needs, goals and aspirations on your journey, and to ensuring a positive outcome for you and your family.

We can provide specialist, individualised advice in the areas of:

At Pullos Lawyers we can assist you to obtain a divorce and ensure that your application is accompanied by all of the necessary evidence.
Property Settlement
One of the most common issues arising from the breakdown of a de facto relationship or a marriage is the division of the parties’ assets
Often the primary concern of parents who are separating is making appropriate arrangements for any children of the relationship.
Child Support
Pullos Lawyers can provide advice to you about the different types of Child Support Agreements and the benefits and risks to you of each type of agreement.
Financial Agreements
A Binding Financial Agreement prepared pursuant to the Family Law Act 1975 enables parties to the agreement to specify how their assets will be divided
Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence Orders can also impact the outcome of parenting disputes, and in rare circumstances financial matters.
Dispute Resolution
At Pullos Lawyers, our team are ‘solutions focused’ and can explore a variety of dispute resolution processes with you.
Pullos Lawyers have assisted many LGBTQIA clients navigating the complex issues regarding parenting and separation.
Spousal Maintenance
Spousal maintenance is the financial support provided by one former spouse/de facto partner to another.
Wills and Estate Planning
Our specialist lawyers at Pullos Lawyers can talk to you about the importance of informed estate planning.
Collaborative Practice
Collaborative Practice is a future focused, problem solving approach to restructuring your financial and personal lives after the breakdown of your relationship.
International Family Law
Our lawyers have dealt with many matters involving international child abduction and skill and expertise in Hague Convention cases.

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“The team, for me completely changed the dynamics of the case. Instead of me being on the back foot and continually taking a beating I was put in charge of my destiny…”

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