Australia recognises same-sex relationships as de facto unions, which means that in all but a few cases, the law treats same-sex couples as equal to heterosexual partnerships.

For same-sex couples, then, matters like Property Settlement are handled identically to heterosexual de facto relationships; as are the laws and regulations that govern Time With Your Children. Spousal Maintenance – in which one partner provides financial support to the other after a divorce – is equally applicable to same-sex partnerships.

Because divorce and property settlement laws apply equally to same-sex partnerships, we can work with you to formulate prenuptial agreements suited to your circumstances. And as lawyers highly experienced in family law, we can provide you with the expertise needed to negotiate the challenges that these issues can create.

If you’d like advice on any of these topics, or if you’d like a professional to handle the challenges of family law on your behalf, please get in touch.

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