Pullos Lawyers has another Accredited Specialist in Family Law - Rebecca Barron

Earlier this year. our Rebecca Barron undertook the challenge of applying to become an accredited family law specialist. This program, administered by the Queensland Law Society, is a program for practitioners who have practiced in the area of family law for a significant period of time and have a very high level of skill and expertise in the area.

The program is rigorous and takes place over a 3 month period with a number of assessment items being completed during that period.
Only 46 applicants (across the entirety of Queensland) made it to the final exam, and of those 46, only 10 completed all pieces of assessment to such high standard that they become eligible to be accredited specialists in the area of family law.
Rebecca is one of those 10.
This now means that Pullos Lawyers have 3 accredited specialists in family law.  This is a huge advantage to our clients.  We are one of the most experienced and specialised Family Law firms on the Gold Coast.  We have been providing positive outcomes for our clients for over 30 years. Our depth of experience, skill and expertise in the area of family law is underpinned by our ongoing commitment to supporting our lawyers through the accreditation process. Rebecca’s achievement is reflective of her dedication and our commitment to delivering to our clients the best representation in Family Law.
Congratulations Rebecca on a major career milestone!
To have Rebecca apply her expertise to your case or to refer a client, friend or family member contact her.