Things the Best Family Lawyers on the Gold Coast Won’t Do

Going through a separation or family law issue can often be the most difficult period of your life. Emotions & tensions will be at an all-time high, so it is essential that the family lawyers you engage on the Gold Coast are professional, helpful and understanding. They need to be experienced, and able to guide you throughout the process with logic, compassion, and your best interests in mind. We share below the things a good family lawyer on the Gold Coast won’t do - so you can be sure to avoid them, and hire the best family lawyers for you.


The Best Family Lawyers Won’t Be a Poor Communicator

First and foremost, the hallmarks of a good family lawyer on the Gold Coast, and anywhere for that matter, is that they’re a good listener and communicator.

Their ability to listen to you and to communicate with you and others will be vital to achieving a positive outcome. You need them to be able to explain things to you clearly, to answer your questions and follow your instructions, and to respond within a timely fashion.

A good family lawyer needs to be a good negotiator; in many instances, issues can be settled out of court through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) such as mediation. This is an advanced negotiation tool used often in child custody and property settlement disputes that allows former spouses to reach agreements amicably and has a higher chance of personal satisfaction for both parties. These tend to result in an easier relationship with the former spouse moving forward, and means that you avoid lengthy, emotional, and financially costly court battles.  If you go to court, a good family lawyer needs to be convincing in their arguments in front of the judge.

Cassandra Pullos is one the best family lawyers on the Gold Coast, and in addition, an expert mediator, arbitrator and parenting coordinator, backed by a team of solutions-focused legal professionals.  She can guide you through best possible route to ensure the best outcome in your situation.


The Best Family Lawyers Won’t Be Secretive or Dishonest

The best family lawyers will be open and honest with you about the facts of your case and the likelihood of the outcome.

You don’t want to feel like you’ve been kept in the dark about important aspects that may weaken or strengthen your case. This will help you to build the best strategy for your family law case and create realistic expectations moving forward.

They will also be clear and transparent about their fees and disbursements from the very beginning. A good family lawyer will provide you with a Costs Agreement that details the breakdown of their charges and an estimate of costs at each possible stage of your matter. They should provide you updated version of this Fee Estimate as your case evolves and new information comes to light.


The Best Family Lawyers Won’t Be Dismissive

An essential characteristic of the best family lawyers on the Gold Coast is an ability to be compassionate and empathetic. If you find that your family lawyer is being dismissive of your concerns or feelings, we suggest you look elsewhere.

Family law matters are often incredibly emotionally draining; the best family lawyers understand this, sympathise, and aim to alleviate as much stress as they can throughout the process. This generally takes the form of an approach that is caring, that addresses your concerns or questions, and that is focused on achieving an outcome and set of strategies that gives you the best possible outlook for the future.


The Best Family Lawyers Won’t Be Inexperienced

The best family lawyers on the Gold Coast have a wealth of knowledge and experience. They are able to demonstrate this through the positive outcomes of the various cases they have taken on, and will be able to devise a plan for building your case.

You want to choose a specialist lawyer over a generalist lawyer offering family law serviced. Family law is complex and constantly changing due to the many facets of law it involves, this will impact your case. A specialist family lawyer will have developed a deep understanding of and strategic approach to all family law matters and will be able to provide you with the most well rounded and considered advice, setting you up to achieve the best long-term outcome for you and your family.


The Best Family Lawyers Won’t Be Unethical

The best family lawyers on the Gold Coast won’t be unethical ones. If, in your initial or subsequent consultations with your family lawyer, they volunteer sensitive and identifying information about their clients, you may wish to consider going elsewhere.

If they are comfortable volunteering this information with you, it is safe to assume that they will have no qualms about sharing the specifics of your case with another client.

The best family lawyer will also be someone who does not have an existing or previous relationship of any kind with your former spouse or their family, or their attorney.

These actions constitute a breach of confidentiality and unethical conduct, and in this instance, it is highly unlikely your lawyer will have your best interests at heart.

It is best practice for your lawyer to run a conflict check before your initial consultation to make sure they have had no prior communication with the other side, and to disclose to you any existing relationship or connection that may exist. With this information, you can make an informed decision about your representation.


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