Finding the Best Family Lawyer on the Gold Coast for Your Situation

There are many issues to consider when you are choosing the best family lawyer to represent you in the event of a separation. It’s a critical decision because changing lawyers during your case can be very costly – emotionally and financially. With so many law firms around, finding the best family lawyer on the Gold Coast can be daunting.


How Do You Find the Best Family Lawyer on the Gold Coast?

Do your research. Start by asking trusted friends or colleagues for a recommendation. These people may have personal experience in using a family lawyer and could help you narrow down a short list. Ask your wider professional network for referrals. Doctors, accountants or financial planners may know the reputation of and be able to suggest the best family lawyers on the Gold Coast for your situation.


Choose a Gold Coast Law Firm That Specialises in Family Law

Family law is a very specialised area. Just like you wouldn’t see an ENT specialist for a heart condition, you probably shouldn’t engage the services of an environmental lawyer, no matter how experienced, to secure the custody arrangements of your children. When you’ve narrowed down a list of family law specialists, check which are Accredited Family Law Specialists with the Queensland Law Society. This accreditation proves that the lawyer has attained formal recognition of legal excellence. By choosing an Accredited Family Law Specialist in your local area, you have the confidence that you’re choosing one of the best family lawyers on the Gold Coast.


Experience and Reputation Count

Having an experienced and proven family lawyer on your side can make the world of difference to your situation. Check how long the practice has been running, and how many years’ experience the family lawyer has amassed. Are they respected in their industry for being one of the Gold Coast’s best family lawyers? Consider whether they are experienced and knowledgeable across all areas of family law, and whether they successful at courtroom litigation as well as mediation.


Go With Who You Trust

Above all, you need to feel comfortable that your family lawyer will understand your specific situation and tailor the right solution for you. If you don’t have that feeling, keep looking. At Pullos Lawyers, we have more than 30 years’ experience as family law specialists. We can assist with international family lawdivorce, child custody and many more services. If you’re looking for the best family lawyer on the Gold Coast, we’d love to help. Contact us to find out where you stand.