How a Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help You

The reported cases of domestic violence in Australia are extremely alarming. This form of violence has a devastating affect on individuals, families and the community. If you are a victim of any form of domestic violence in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, it’s important to know that a specialist domestic violence lawyer in can help you get your life back on track.

What is Classed as Domestic Violence?

The definition of ‘domestic violence’ is much broader than just physical violence. By law, domestic violence encompasses any act of gender-based violence that occurs within a relationship, either with a family member or an intimate partner. This includes actual or threatened physical, emotional or economical abuse, damage to property, intimidation or harassment, and indecent acts.


What Can a Domestic Violence Lawyer Do to Help?

If you think you are at risk, a specialist domestic violence lawyer can help you make a domestic violence application to a Magistrates Court. The lawyer will present the details of your circumstances in court to demonstrate that you are in further danger of abuse if the Order isn’t made. If the Judge considers that an order is “necessary and desirable”, they will grant a Domestic Violence Order (DVO). This will set out the rules and conditions that the person must abide by, such as how they behave towards you and anyone else named in the order. It is important to understand you don’t need to prove the incident/s happened to the same standard as in criminal proceedings – there are often no witnesses to domestic violence and that is not a bar to obtaining the protection of a DVO. In 2018, the National Domestic Violence Order Scheme was implemented nationwide to ensure DVOs are recognised regardless of what city or state you reside in.


What if the Person Breaks the DVO?

Obtaining a DVO is crucial to your legal situation, as it can protect you if the person should break any of the DVO’s conditions. You must call the police immediately if this happens and they will investigate. If they can prove that the person is in breach of the DVO, they may be charged with a criminal offence. Your domestic violence lawyer will help prepare you for how to collect proof in the event that this occurs.


Your Domestic Violence Lawyers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

If you are in a position where your physical or emotional safety is at risk, we can help. At Pullos Lawyers, our experienced and compassionate domestic violence lawyers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast can help. We can walk you through every part of the process to ensure that your safety and protection are paramount and that your rights are heard. To find out where you stand, contact us.