Helping Pollinate light the way for thousands in India

Pullos Lawyers have been captivated by the plight of Pollinate, an Australian charity focused on eliminating energy poverty in India, and we are proud to announce our recent corporate sponsorship of this worthwhile cause.

With a mantra to create sustainable solutions to social problems, Pollinate empowers local, entrepreneurial Indians to sell clean, sustainable and affordable solar lights to families living in urban slum communities through a financially self-sustainable organisation. In addition to providing bright, long lasting light, it also seeks to improve health, education and human rights.

So far, our involvement has included sponsoring an international fellow on the recent Kolkata Fellowship program and a lump sum donation to support the expansion of Pollinate’s Hyderabad branch, enabling further support across more slums in the Hyderabad area.

We will continue to work with Pollinate as it strives to reach 50 of India’s biggest cities by 2020.

Pullos Lawyers has built its success around the pillars of respect, empowerment, self-determination and social responsibility.

Through a partnership with Pollinate Energy, the team at Pullos Lawyers is excited to extend these values of empowerment, positive development and self-determination to the millions of India’s urban poor.

Join with us and support the Pollinate cause!


For more information, check out the Pollinate story featured on ABC’s Foreign Correspondent or visit